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And the word of the day is BYPASS

You think I wake up every morning believing I can save the world?


But I can make my corner better.

We’re living and lost in the noise. This barrage of messages and extremes, fear and conflict– it’ll wear you down and put you to sleep. What is there to do but bypass? Create, don’t consume. Read AND write. If you want it democratic, make your voice be heard. You’ll find others calling out in response. We’re supposed to be lonely and driven to buy, to break, to live in a predetermined cycle. We’re supposed to be stupid and blind and uncaring. 

Funny thing is, as humans, we’re just as capable of transcendence as we are of devolution. Only we’re bad at getting the message.


Catching up


He stands in front of her with a clock in his head. The clock counts down as he obsesses over how long this moment or any moment will last. He can almost feel a momentum slip away and this thought runs up his spine like a shiver as he grapples with the fact that life is a chase, and his life is spent in stopping time. (He just hasn’t caught up with it yet.)

She thinks he is listening, talks like words are vases she throws over her shoulder, said with a clatter and a floor full of broken arguments. He’s really very cute, she thinks, if a bit intense.

mixing your media, part who knows what


Freak Diary, part 5


This is Darwin. He spends most evenings poring over plans for world domination and practices compelling people with his eyes as a hobby. No comment on the Fancy Feast commercials.

Freak Diary, part 4


This is Sparky. He wakes, whimpering and wistful, after dreams of Tattooine, where, while mistaken for an ewok, he participated in several coups under Imperial rule.

Freak Diary, part 3


This is Raekwon. He is a freak and a bastard.

Freak Diary, part 2


They’re not good with names either.