Dedicated to the memory of Darwin Cox (1988-2011)

Dear Darwin,

You told me that Woodstock  Burning Man changed your life. I sat with you that afternoon, discussing books and how we felt about the world. What we thought should be changed, what we thought could be salvaged. We talked about Occupy, and why you were involved. You never once mentioned the fact that you were homeless. You never cited living in a tent as a reason to Occupy, but I’m going to say this: the fact that there are people  enduring  tents who are jobless and/or homeless is a reason to Occupy. The fact that school libraries here in the US are unable to retain librarians is a reason to Occupy. The fact that we are not , as a nation, dedicated to sustainability is a reason to Occupy. It’s not about the rich, it’s not about the living in the current cold and wet. It’s about remembering what it means to be human. It’s about helping your neighbor and giving to society. It’s about preventing a planet from crumbling to waste beneath our feet. You and others discussed these with a too-small audience, so it’s here, as digitally immortal as I can make it, in your memory.


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