a study in silence


Five years ago today she stopped speaking. She never said, but we have our theories. The constant presence of her smartphone in a recent chat (roulette) interview indicated a probable cause, an unhealthy fascination with what has been dubbed “the digital age.” (The above chat feature we hesitate to comment on but will strongly recommend the user conduct interviews in the privacy of his home as there is a large incidence of penises and innuendo on the roll to the ideal interview. In other words, this is not safe for your workplace. We mean, this is not safely viewed in your workplace unless it’s a game design company, an advertising firm, or a vegan startup.) During the five minutes which comprised our keyboard conversation, we observed via webcam not only the smartphone, but a (we surmise dead) cat in the background, fast food wrappers, and the latest in smartphone speaker and camera technology. We asked her about the absence of a digital book reader and were assured that it was in the mail, waiting to supply her with the latest in The TwitterMeta series, tweets that are captured in book form then unbound and released back into the digital wilds under the aegis of literary material. Before we copy and paste the interview, we would like to say–

***A message from this website***

We regret to inform you this content is no longer inaccessible. We recommend that the reader visit an online electronics retailer and purchase the newest in tablet technology to assuage any feelings of loss, nostalgia, or awkward discomfort.


One response

  1. Neelansh itkan

    She is Beautiful by the way!

    December 7, 2011 at 5:57 pm

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