In this present


We wake up to a new world today. A world without Christopher Hitchens. A world where the US President is planning on signing a bill that will allow the (unlawful) indefinite detention of any citizen suspected of terrorism. Welcome to something we never fought for and something we as a majority never fought against. Welcome to an era of extinctions and distractions, of consuming and subsuming. Welcome to want in an age in which a devalued currency holds more sway than the speech of an impassioned and informed individual. This is the year of new strides in the rush to censor the internet and this is a year of protests that too many people would rather ignore.

This post is dedicated to the people who refuse to listen, to the people who don’t speak, who bury themselves in entertainment and personal drama. This is dedicated to the naive, the cynical, the escapists and the conformists. This post is dedicated to the people who never said a word.

Welcome to the new world order, suckers.



One response

  1. Absolutely indited subject matter, Really enjoyed reading.

    January 8, 2012 at 9:54 am

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