this was only once

Ok, first of all, she doesn’t do things like this. Not all the time. And this, this was only once. I mean, eating Whataburger in a WalMart parking lot? No one would believe you…unless they lived in the United States. These things happen like the universe (bored with your itemized list of expectations, your texting, your half-hearted stabs at individuality) decides to have a laugh. So it was one of those long nights after a long day of working and she’s on her way home with the boy,  still hungry and high and drunk and expectant and if she could’ve made it last longer it would’ve been an age.

So they stop at Whataburger, drive through to Darkthrone and exit like bandits with fistfuls of fries and the crackle of paper and the next stop is WalMart for prophylactics and candy but they’re even hungrier and it seems that their only option is to sit in the stationary car and eat, eat until they’re full enough to brave the fluorescent supermarket. She looks up with a mouthful of hamburger to watch an older, pear-shaped woman motor her way down an aisle of cars on one of those courtesy chairs, basket laden with fluttering plastic bags of groceries. She’s watching this woman stop and disembark in front of a truck, an awkward body lifting and depositing and driving away. She’s got this urge to spit out her food, turn around and forget the store, and it’s all she can do not to scream as she watches a young, able fellow climb atop the abandoned chair to wheel off while his family stands dismayed.


One response

  1. PK

    Atmospheric writing. I love the look on her face!! And I have to be honest, whenever I am in Texas I eat at Whataburger…. YUMMY!!

    May 14, 2012 at 3:50 pm

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