And the loop goes on forever

Sometimes it’s a lot. Sometimes you feel like here and there are too distant, that anything like progress died with the invention of the smartphone. You begin to require more to get through the day because every time you wake up it’s gonna be a long one. Your coffee expenditures outweigh your data plan and your liquor consumption…let’s not talk about that. And it hurts and you’re tired and every year you waver on a thinner line, knowing that there’s nothing special about survival  other than the fact that it seems the survival instinct is being diluted by the way we use technology. You’re hardly surprised. You’ve stopped thinking about survival, partly because you’ve seen their obsession with apocalypse. It’s stopped making sense. It stopped making sense when people were more concerned about being right, about being seen. You’ve watched them collect their profile pic protest photos like baseball cards and Left Behind books. You’ve watched them…


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