what’s in my mind (tonight)


our complicity (text by Aaron Goekler)

It is so easy to declaim, as if

from the pulpit of some

supposedly righteous manner of

(what is ultimately self-

serving) moral justification,

in an effort to solicit pity and

vindication from the ones who are

in a position to frame your deeds outside

the context of your heavily vetted account

of tribulation and perseverance.


funny that same cardboard comprising the soapbox upon which we profess the inevitability of our actions serves as the lattice-work partition of the subjunctive confessional


And actually, that may be

the only comprehensible solution

or method of self-

preservation available to you

amid the ever-present reminder

of your potential indiscretions.


often in place of entertaining even the vague notion of our complicity in the jewel heist of the palacious manor of the super-ego, we lobby the representatives of the various (and deeply divided) districts of the conscious


And how remarkably natural

it feels to bask in the comfort and

solidarity of even one person

joining in your crusade against

the holographic spectre of a past

that is frankly elusive and irrelevant!


Thanks to Aaron Goekler of

measured and wrought

The man who can’t bear to remember (or forget) thinks proximally. It is the blistering glare of the sun that keeps his world clear of everything but his present, that chains the shadows to the corners and illumines a path that holds his daylight duration to a straight line of optionless pragmatism. Routine, and the memories are at bay, structure and the whole of his existence can be measured and wrought and whittled down to the necessary obligations of rent and food and allowed luxury.

But the night. The night is its own mystery.

The shadows, laden with voices and images, cease lurking and become a sea.

fine (until)

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signaling at noise

Hold me, he thinks, because no one else (we) will, all else (we) busy raising fists and shouting–and he’s done. He’s tired, given up knowing, given up, knowing that each rush of anger, each wave of hate takes away. Takes away the wonder and the dreaming and the giving and most of all, the love. What reason for redemption, he mutters to himself, watching the burning inside them (us), their (our) shouts a din against his deafened ears. What reason to seek redemption when all they (we) want is to be right, to be considered right when in the end no one (not even we) wins. He’s held his life to that flame before, smelled the sweet char of his humanity’s sacrifice for cause after cause after cause, felt the fiery embrace of a union against a union against a union and so on because that’s all it ever was. Sides, and he recognizes that the earth is round, that sides taken and lines drawn are nothing more than words (tools, symbols, else) for the occupation of conflict, for an easy route out of the world they (we) had grown to fear. Blame placed, fear adopted, not their (our) problem when it’s so clearly due to someone else’s way of living, another’s untenability. They (we) all defending against straw monsters, toting their (our) effigies in indignant parades.

Hold me, says the signal off the mountain yet to be ascended. Hold me says the signal, undecoded.

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