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human voices wake us

fucking invincible

He wakes again, his hands in aching fists, the sweat still damp against his back and it’s like he never slept at all. He turns, sees her curled away with furrowed brow and dream-crusted lashes and strokes her side, once, twice, three times before she stirs and murmurs, her lips now a movement against his shoulder, and he can barely catch the words.

I can’t find it.

Years of this and one bed traded for another, each lost in another’s dreams, each night a drowsing failure and home a little more distant and just as painfully extant. They’d lost their way hunting, and here they were again, as together as time and space could make it so and they knew each other by likeness. He could feel his heart shifting in his chest at the familiar in her face, old lineaments and age an overlay, an illusion. The same. The same and he was just as caught, just as reminded of the music they were born knowing and following like two besotted pilgrims half-dead and stumbling. A bitter union this, when it’s the longing that first brings people together.

Covered and catalogued, and no two shrinks agree on what disorder best inspires it, he knows. Some mass delusion surviving hundreds, perhaps thousands of years of living and looking and dying, largely benign, like the conviction that it’s the talking spiders and not your mother making you eat breakfast. Breakfast is good, right? So the spiders can’t be a bad thing. They never seem to say much else. Nothing to do with the Illuminati, nothing paranoid, really, and it’s somehow better, locking eyes with some stranger knowing you’ll share the same fuck and the same story later that night. Brothers. Sisters. Lovers and lost, recognized and united in a confused haze of displacement and lust.

He slides out of bed and into the cold, regretting the ease of leaving her like this. The ease of not having to watch her face mirror his as they dress for waking hours, more empty stretches between their occasional and unplanned meeting. The ease of spending most of their time asleep and undreaming, unstirred and untroubled like some kid wandering around with her eyes shut cause she knows she’s fucking invincible.


On absences

It’s like waking up to find a dream edging away from your consciousness, this remembering.

(What she thought, sitting there in light and listening to birds and distant traffic, the occasional plane and its atmospheric rush. Sometimes she wonders if she’s forgetting what it’s like to be human and alone, away from the whispers and vibrations of technology rampant.)

It’s like the day when adulthood jigsaws life into something foreign to the simple configurations of childhood. The addition of color to monochrome. Invasive species. Crossing oceans.

(She wonders why she wakes up every day to a world full of lost things, their ghosts preserved on screens, in glass cases, in a fading collective memory.)

It’s like we never belonged here in the first place.

What we should know, part 2


You’re not alone. (We’re right here with you on this one, and sometimes just as lost but we’re together and they will hear our voice.)